Strategic Planning
Many organizations want to grow, become more profitable, add new markets, and/or develop new products. A systematic process of determining and clarifying an organization’s purpose, assessing where it currently is and where it wants to be in the future, and outlining the steps needed to achieve these objectives.

Leadership Development

Our belief is that leaders are a select group of individuals with exceptional qualities and business skills. Successful leaders are able to act with great purpose, courage, and a sense of the future. MHS Consulting empowers leaders to become visionaries within their chosen field/position and have the ability to inspire, energize, and motivate their people, ultimately allowing them to have the greatest impact on their organization.

Executive Consultation

The Executive Consultation Program is designed for individuals who desire to increase their effectiveness professionally and personally and who face important life decisions such as career change, work-family balance, job loss, family succession, and/or retirement.


Successful businesses require individuals who are vastly skilled, highly focused, and exceedingly motivated. Executives, managers, and supervisors are the principle drivers of corporate success. Coaching allows businesses to capitalize on their strengths while addressing their weaknesses in the service of enhancing their employees’ career development.

Career Development Program

Career Development is a specialized program for individuals who are at a crossroads in their career and seeking to change professions, re-enter the workforce, advance within an organization, deal with layoffs, and/or looking for new directions. The career development program includes individual meetings, career related testing, and an integrated focused approach to career development.

The Management Development Program
The Management Development Program is designed to help organizations increase the effectiveness of supervisors, managers, and executives; and provide an opportunity for those participating to gain information about their current management skills. The program is a way for companies to develop a culture that supports communication, feedback, teamwork, and growth.

Off-Site Programs
We view off-site programs as part of the Strategic Planning process. Research shows that off-site work is more productive and creative. Individuals often think more courageously when their daily routine is changed. Off-site retreats/workshops create a forum to address key challenges and overcome roadblocks so that successful long-term strategies can be employed.

Succession Planning
Succession Planning is a dynamic process designed to ensure the continued performance of a family business by making provisions for the development and replacement of key people over time. Developing and implementing a successful succession plan is essential. We also have a unique approach to deal with the special needs of family owned businesses dealing with Succession Planning.

Customized Services
Customized services include but are not limited to Team Building, Fund-Raising, Consulting, Employee/Customer surveys, and Personality/Communication Assessments.

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